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Welcome to BongaCams Wiki! It's the simplest and fastest way to learn how BongaCams free erotic video chat works and which incredible possibilities you are in for.

On BongaCams you will meet thousands of webcam models capable of making your most cherished sexual fantasies come true!
To see for yourself, read all about the site features right now. Ready?

Getting started on BongaCams!

Visiting as a guest?

Just have a look and see how many tempting models are waiting for you on BongaCams' main page!

Join for Free
Join for Free

Here you will find the finest models from all corners of the world – from newbies to adult industry superstars. Blondes, brunettes, Asians, Latinas, students and a lot more!

Also available on BongaCams are such LGBT categories as lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals!

Choose the chat room of the webcam model you like and click on it. You are guaranteed tons of pleasure from what you see on your screen!

And hey, don't get stuck in the guest zone: you can't fully appreciate what our site has to offer that way. JOIN FOR FREE in less than 5 seconds!

Create a 100% FREE account!

Becoming a registered user is easy as pie! The «JOIN NOW FOR FREE» button is in the top right corner on the main page.
Found it? Now just press it. Enter your desired username and come up with a secure password. That's it!

All done! You are now a registered BongaCams user – go ahead and start spending quality time with our models!

So many new exciting options!

We are very excited to see you join BongaCams! As a newly joined member, you have the FREE status and can do the following:

  • interact with models and other members in a public chat;
Lovense icon
  • watch streams in awesome HD quality with superb sound;
  • enjoy our engaging promotional offers.

Now it's time to learn some important things that will help you pick just the right model and have the time of your life!

Pick the model you like

Hundreds of gorgeous models are in front of you – all that's left is to choose the one you like best!

Check out the categories list on the left side of the main page. Blondes and brunettes, BDSM and foot fetish, couples and lesbians – you will surely find whatever is it is that rocks your boat!

Pay special attention to models with the LOVENSE mark Lovense1x.png – those are using special toys that will vibrate when a tip is received. That's an ocean of pleasure for both you and the model! The models that joined our site only recently are marked as New1x.png – show them some support and the chances are, you will become their favorite!

And it only gets better!

Want to know how to have maximum fun and be lavished with incredible pleasure? Let's talk about how to make that happen.

Learn how to get the most out of your time with our models!

New model icon
New Model

So, you made up your mind and picked a model. Off to a great start! Now you can go ahead and talk to her in the chat room!

We also came up with a few pointers to make sure you are aware of the chat features. Take advantage of those to have most enjoyable time interacting with our models.

  • Check out the chat topic to see what the model is prepared to do for her audience!
  • Be generous, show some initiative and send Tokens! Models love tips, showering their most generous tippers with attention!
  • Don't be shy to ask the model you like for a private chat. In there, you are the one in charge! In private chats, our users' most cherished fantasies are bound to come true!
  • Some models will show initiative all on their own and invite you to join them in a private chat. Don't miss that chance and accept the invite – you will not be sorry!
  • Looking for something more intimate? Fully private chat is at your service – maximum pleasure and just the two of you. No one can take a peek there!
  • Group chat allows several users to be in the same private room with the model. Group chats are twice as cheap as private chats!
  • Models often use interactive sex toys that react to tips with enjoyable vibrations!
  • Take advantage of the Cam2Cam feature – turn your camera on for the model to see you as well!

What about some free Tokens?

Get free Tokens right now! Press on the «FREE TOKENS» tab on the top of the page and see what kind of bonuses you are entitled to:

  • starter bonus – get 10 free Tokens for your first purchase;
  • cashback – win up to 200 free Tokens every day;
  • mobile bonus – we will give you up to 100 extra Tokens if you purchase from your mobile;
  • refer a friend – you will get 50% of their 1st purchase amount in Tokens.

On BongaCams you will always find the best promotions, huge discounts, awesome gifts and other generous offers!

The advantages of tipping

Want the models to remember you? Then make sure to tip generously.

Tip our models with Tokens when you spend time chatting, get a private show or have your fantasies fulfilled in the free chat. That's a sure way to make them interested and likely to pay a lot more attention to you!

All about premium statuses!

Premium statuses on BongaCams are available to all registered users. Once you purchase any quantity of Tokens, you will instantly get lifetime access to BongaCams premium program and become a GOLD status holder – the first of 7 prestigious premium statuses! From now on you will be able to enjoy many extra features which will only grow as your status increases!

Premium Statuses
Premium Statuses

Premium Statuses

BongaCams offers 7 types of premium statuses:

  • GOLD;
  • TITAN;

Each Token purchase gets you closer to more prestigious statuses, which will greatly expand your opportunities on the site and attract even more attention from models!

Let's have a look at the benefits of each status.

Gold.png GOLD status: more possibilities with one purchase!

Immediately after your first Token purchase you will get a GOLD status, which will open up numerous new features and make your BongaCams experience even more bright and exciting!

  • Unlimited video access – watch models' broadcasts with no time limit!
  • Send private messages to models and follow them!
  • Invite models to group, private, or full private chats!
  • Use the Spy Mode – see what's going on in private chats behind closed doors!
  • Turn your cam on – the Cam2Cam feature lets the model see you as well!
  • Enjoy shows in fullscreen mode!
  • Make nice surprises to models – give them virtual gifts!

GOLD status is just the beginning! After you purchase Tokens for €500 in total you will get a higher level status – PLATINUM.

Platinum.png PLATINUM status: more attention from models!

Those who are PLATINUM members enjoy the extra attention of models, and that is not their only advantage. With the PLATINUM status you get access to many more features!

  • Stylish PLATINUM badge – you will become much more recognizable among members and will immediately attract models' attention!
  • Special sound for private messages – models will know that a PLATINUM member has written to them and will be more interested in you!
  • You will be able to change the font style – your nickname and chat messages will become even more original!
  • You’ll be able to hide auto messages from a model – chatting will become much more convenient!

And there is more! You will automatically get UNLIMITED status once your purchases on BongaCams reach €1500 in total!

Unlimited.png UNLIMITED status: unbelievable privileges!

Obtaining UNLIMITED status, you'll get new benefits that others only dream about!

  • With a special UNLIMITED icon you will immediately find yourself in the center of the models’ attention!
  • You will be able to write to all models without exception, even to those whose private messages are disabled!
  • You will get instant access to BongaCams concierge service, your personal assistant which will be there for your any inquiry!

Furthermore, by making an additional €500 purchase, you will receive the elite SAPPHIRE status.

Sapphire.png SAPPHIRE status: a great range of benefits!

SAPPHIRE status will grant you with even more unique opportunities that will favorably distinguish you from the rest!

  • Colorful chat messages and 20 new avatars – become more bright and original!
  • Priority position in the list of users – always be at the sight of the models!
  • Invisible Mode – hide your presence in the chat room if you like!
  • Get models you like moved to the top spot of the site's main page: once a week you'll get the chance to do it!
  • No external ads – now nothing will distract you from the exciting communication on the website!
  • A nice bonus every 20 days – €5 gift cards that can be used as a discount when buying Tokens!

Moreover, if after activating your SAPPHIRE status you spend another €1000 during the same month, your status will automatically be upgraded to TITAN!

Titan.png TITAN status: extraordinary benefits!

Expand your possibilities and multiply the benefits of your previous statuses!

Be sure, with a TITAN brutal icon you will never stay unnoticed by the models! You will always be at the top of the members’ list above all other chat participants with a lower status!

Moreover, thanks to special fonts of messages you will be much brighter compared to other users!

You will always be able to hide your presence in the model's chat room thanks to the Invisible Mode!

Moreover, every 3 days you will be able to put your favorite models at the top of the homepage. You will also receive a €5 gift card every 2 weeks!

Want more exclusive features in your model’s chat room? Easy! Simply make purchases for at least €5000 during one month and you will automatically receive a DIAMOND status which offers truly stunning benefits!

Diamond.png DIAMOND status: a new level of supremacy!

DIAMOND is the first of two top level statuses which is accompanied by impressive perks!

Now it's up to you to decide who will be present in the model’s chat! You can easily kick FREE and GOLD members out of the chat room to spend time on the site in the most pleasant company!

Moreover, every 10 days you will receive a €5 gift card and you will be able to DAILY put your favorite models at the top of the homepage!

And that's not all! Once your total purchases reach €15 000 during a month, you will get the MOST prestigious premium status available: the EXCLUSIVE status!

Ready to get to know the EXCLUSIVE status' phenomenal possibilities? Then read on.

Exclusive.png EXCLUSIVE status: the absolute TOP!

EXCLUSIVE is the elite premium status, giving its owner unsurpassed opportunities!

EXCLUSIVE users are considered to be the most significant visitors of the website, because the biggest advantages are concentrated in their hands!

With the EXCLUSIVE status you will always be the FIRST in the list of chat room users and will be able to kick out not only FREE and GOLD members, but also PLATINUM members!

You will also be able to place your favorite models at the top of the website homepage MORE THAN OTHERS, up to 3 times a day!

Besides, thanks to the distinctive EXCLUSIVE icon and the special settings of your messages, you will become even more noticeable! Models will be taking uncommon interest in you, and you will truly feel like a chosen one!

With the EXCLUSIVE premium status you will obtain unique access to the most prestigious features which will offer you models’ maximum attention and unforgettable impressions!

BongaCams gift cards

Gift Cards
Gift Cards

Making purchases on BongaCams is as convenient as it is lucrative!

Every time you purchase Tokens, you get one step closer to a GIFT CARD!

Once you've reached a specific purchase amount, you will be getting a gift card worth $5. It can be used to purchase more Tokens!

You can view active gift cards by pressing on the special icon on your account pane, or by pressing "My gift cards" on the menu.

Check and see – there may be a gift card waiting to be used today!

BongaCams FAQ

BongaCams FAQ

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